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We create innovative, flavorful, and inviting beers. The majority of our grains and hops are North American grown, with a preference for those produced in the Pacific Northwest. Regardless of European, English, or American beer style, we select and blend these high-quality, local ingredients to achieve our flavor profiles. And while we love the Old World malts and hops, we’re committed to using local ingredients in an effort to make our business as sustainable as possible. Our English-style Pale Ale or Italian Pilsner may not be completely traditional, but they are definitely tasty! 

We are beyond excited that our brewery & taproom are now open

with both indoor and outdoor seating options available!

To-go orders are NOW AVAILABLE in the online store!

Currently Available

NEW! Thunder Strata FRESH HOP IPA

ABV 5.8%

Available On Tap & 16oz Cans

This beer is a collaboration with our friends at Dirty Couch Brewing (DCB).  We started by brewing a clean and delicious blonde ale, but with DCB involved you know that can’t be it! After fermentation was complete, we added over 400lbs of mango puree. When that finished refermenting, we added over 60lbs of raw and toasted coconut! The finished product is smooth, refreshing, and reminiscent of a Mango Pina Colada!   

Getting Caught in the Rain

Collab with DCB (Dirty Couch Brewing)

ABV 5.8%

Available On Tap, 16oz Cans, & Kegs

This beer is a collaboration with our friends at Dirty Couch Brewing (DCB).  We started by brewing a clean and delicious blonde ale, but with DCB involved you know that can’t be it! After fermentation was complete, we added over 400lbs of mango puree. When that finished refermenting, we added over 60lbs of raw and toasted coconut! The finished product is smooth, refreshing, and reminiscent of a Mango Pina Colada!   

They've Gone to Plaid Cold IPA

ABV 6.5%    IBUs 45    0.78 BU:GU

Available On Tap, 16oz cans, & Kegs

Another Rick Moranis movie reference you say? That's correct - we love ridiculous movies and we're not gonna stop! There's nothing ridiculous about this Cold IPA though, other than the ridiculous amount of Nelson Sauvin hops we threw in. The 4th iteration of our Cold IPA series, this beer is crisp and clean as always with an ultra-light malt body consisting of pilsner malt and jasmine puffed rice - a perfect canvas to showcase the hops! The 2022 harvest of Nelson Sauvin hops are the undisputed star of this version with their grape and tropical fruit goodness. We also threw in some Azacca and Mosaic hops to round out the tropical fruit notes and add a bit of citrus, berry, and stone fruit. Probably our favorite style of IPA, this beer is made for drinking!

Burn Out Cascadian Dark Ale

ABV 6.4%    IBUs 49    0.79 BU:GU

Available On Tap, 16oz Cans, & Kegs

Others around the country call it a Black IPA while those of us in the Great Pacific Northwest seem to prefer the term CDA. We're not picky though - either term works for this delicious throw-back style! Our version is very dark brown to black in color with a medium body, creamy mouthfeel, and complex malt character provided by Vienna & Munich malts as well as Flaked Oats. The bitterness is substantial but smooth and the midnight wheat malt adds just a slight hint of roast flavor. This is a hoppy beer though and the stars of the show are the big pine and resin aromas and flavors courtesy of Centennial and Comet hops. CDA or Black IPA? Who knows - it's delicious either way!

Knickerbrook English-style Ale

ABV 5.2%    IBUs 32    0.72 BU:GU

Available On Tap, 16oz Cans, & Kegs

What the hell is a Knickerbrook you ask? It’s the name of a corner at the Oulton Park Race Circuit which is part of the British Superbike racing series, and we love moto racing! What’s an English-style ale then? It’s our take on an English Bitter, built using ingredients from North America. Balance and drinkability are key. It has a soft malty body with a hint of caramel, balanced by earthy and floral notes from the Willamette and Loral hops, and supported by fruity esters provided by the English yeast strain. The finish is just bitter and dry enough to require another drink. It’s a delicious beer for a sunny summer day!

Pit Lane Pilsner

ABV 5.4%    IBUs 31    0.72 BU:GU

Available On Tap, 16oz Cans, & Kegs

This is the Pacific Northwest in a glass. It's rich, grainy, full of malt and "American Noble Hop" character, with an assertive bitterness that commands a follow-up drink. Featuring Pilsner malt and hops grown in the greater PNW, it's not trying to be a German Pilsner or a Czech Pilsner, just a great Pacific Northwest Pilsner.

Veloce Italian Pilsner

ABV 5.2%    IBUs 33    0.65 BU:GU

Available On Tap, 16oz Cans, & Kegs

Veloce means fast in Italian, and the name is just one way we packed the beer full of Italianness. Is that a word? Probably not. Anyway, an Italian Pilsner is an unfiltered German-style pils that has been dry hopped with traditional German hops. Our version uses 100% Francin Bohemian Pilsner malt from Skagit Valley Malting along with German Tradition and Perle hops. We also threw in a small amount of Sterling hops because it sounded like a good idea.

Italian Pilsners got their start in the Italian city of Como (which is on the same lake as the iconic Moto Guzzi motorcycle factory) with brewer Agostino Arioli and his beer Tipopils. They are an exercise in simplicity and restraint, which we think we nailed with this smooth and immensely crushable beer that exhibits a subtle graininess supported by the delicate spice, herb, and floral notes of the German (mostly) hops.

Rabbit Ear IPA

ABV 6.6%    IBUs 45    0.72 BU:GU

Available On Tap, 16oz Cans, & Kegs

No rabbits (or their ears) were harmed in the making of this IPA. That would be gross. Rabbit Ear is the name of a corner at a race track in California. However, a large amount of Strata hops were definitely harmed! First we threw a bucket of them into 180* wort (whirlpool). A few days later we drowned a bunch more of them in 68* beer (dry hop). That was particularly enjoyable, so we did it AGAIN (double dry hop)!! The Strata hops seemed a little lonely through all of this torture, so we threw some Citra hops in to keep them company. The end result is a light to medium bodied IPA with loads of grapefruit aroma and flavor. It’s delicious, and we’re told the hops didn’t feel a thing.

Ascari Amber

ABV 5.8%    IBUs 38    0.70 BU:GU

Available On Tap, 16oz Cans, & Kegs

   A beautiful dark amber color, named after a corner at the iconic Monza race circuit in Italy, this beer is rich with bread, toast, and caramel flavors that are supported by spicy, citrus, and floral notes from Loral and Willamette hops.

Powerslide Oatmeal Stout

ABV 5.5%    IBUs 26    0.50 BU:GU

Available On Tap, 160z Cans, Kegs

The 1st beer we brewed on our 10 BBL system. It's rich and chocolaty, with a well-balanced roast and smooth mouthfeel. Try it on the side-pull for a nitro-type pour.

Hard Seltzer (ABV 6.2%)

Available On Tap

   For those looking for something different - but still made by the Wheelie Pop team - we have Hard Seltzers. These start with a neutral seltzer base that's made onsite & then we add flavored syrup. Flavors include (but are not limited to) blood orange, ruby red grapefruit, watermelon, and green apple. These are a super refreshing and easy drinking!


Available in 187ml bottles

   Another great option for non-beer drinkers (we all know and love one!), is a glass of Prosecco. Normally it's LaMarca, but you never know when the supply chains might throw us a curve ball. Oh yeah, and we have a Moscato (sweet white wine) available as well.

Rotating Cider

Available in 16oz Cans or On Tap

   One more option is our rotating guest cider. It might be on tap, it might be poured fresh from a cold can, but it will always be local and not just a run-of-the-mill dry variety.

Non-alcoholic options

   Looking for something with an ABV of 0%? We've got that covered too! We have Coke, Diet Coke, and Sprite available in cans as well as Italian sodas (same syrups as are available with the Hard Seltzers). We have a drink for the whole crew!


Looking to get a keg of Wheelie Pop Brewing's current releases?

We generally offer 1/6 BBL (42 pints) and 1/2 BBL (124 pints) of any beer currently on tap.

Standard prices are $95 for 1/6 BBL and $185 for 1/2 BBL + a $100 refundable keg deposit

(kegs must be returned within 14 days unless alternative arrangements are made).

Additional charges may apply for specialty beers.

Email sales@wheeliepopbrewing.com for more information or order directly through the STORE link above


Prototype Series beers are our small batch, limited quantity, and often experimental beers that we release periodically, either on-draft or in bottles. They may be barrel-aged, bottle conditioned with “Brett”, a new beer style for us, or general experiments in flavor profiles or fermentation regimes. They’ll always be interesting, full of flavor, and exclusive.

WHAT IS BU:GU?  And why we think it matters.

IBUs, or International Bitterness Units, are a reasonable measure of a beer's bitterness, but they don't tell the entire story - the amount of malt is also important.  Malt adds sweetness to beer, while hops add bitterness and aroma.  So, a lower gravity (lower alcohol) beer with the same IBUs as a higher gravity (higher alcohol) beer will taste more bitter because there is less malty sweetness to offset the hoppy bitterness.  The ratio between these two aspects - the bitterness unit to gravity unit - is BU:GU. 

In general a BU:GU of 0.5 is considered balanced. Greater than 0.5 is hop forward, and less than 0.5 is malt forward.


We have teamed up with Trail Bend Taproom - literally right next door - to provide you great food options. You can order directly from your table using their QR code or order ahead of time here.

Other outside food is welcome as well.

Food truck schedule

In addition to the great food at Trail Bend next door, we will be featuring food trucks throughout the week. Check below for more information.

Updates will be posted in our social sites as needed


Friday, 9/30


Dough Joy

Saturday, 10/1


Burger Planet

Wednesday, 10/5



Thursday, 10/6



Join us on Sundays for racing!


Come enjoy a beer - or three - while you watch the most recent MotoGP and Formula 1 races. Additional details will be posted every Sunday on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Beer festivals!

The team will be out pouring beers at the following beer fests this summer:



Pints for Purpose™ is one way Wheelie Pop Brewing is giving back to our community. For these events, we will donate $1 for every pint or flight of 4 sold to that night's highlighted organization. To get your organization on the calendar, or to nominate a favorite organization, please reach out to molly@wheeliepopbrewing.com.


Wednesday, 10/5: Whittier Elementary PTA

Wednesday, 10/12: Friends of Whitman Music

If you know of an organization that would like to participate, please let us know!

Order cans, kegs, and merchandise to pick-up

Store is open 24 hours but pick-up hours are included at Check Out


Wheelie Pop Brewing is owned by two friends, Jeremy and Mark, and their families. The two of them met through their sons, and quickly became friends - spurred by their shared love of motorcycles, racing, and beer.

Where did the name Wheelie Pop come from? Their boys used to call wheelies 'wheel pops' back in preschool and they thought it would make a fun name.

Jeremy                                                Mark

We are located in the Ballard Brewery District

We are located in the Ballard Brewery District at:

1110 NW 50th Street

Seattle, WA 98107

Our hours are:

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: 3P - 9P

Wednesday - Thursday: 3P - 10P

Friday - Saturday: 12P - 10P

Sunday: 12P - 9P


In addition to being able to enjoy our beers in our taproom, you can also find us out in the wild at the following restaurants and bottle shops (with more being added every day).


Are you hiring?

We are currently staffed up but always looking to connect with potential team members! If you are interested, please email molly@wheeliepopbrewing.com.

Are you kid and dog friendly?

Yes! We have non-alcoholic drinks and a small assortment of snacks on the menu for the kids and water bowls and dog treats for the fur-kids. We are not a 'biker bar', but look forward to welcoming the Seattle community at large.

Do you have outdoor seating?

Yes! We currently have both indoor and outdoor seating options. Our outdoor space is covered to keep you dry.

Do you have food available onsite?

We have a small selection of snacks available (chips, peanuts, etc.). You are more than welcome to bring food in from anywhere - or order from our neighbors at Trailbend Taproom from the QR code on your table. There are also a collection of food trucks in the district on most nights.

Do you donate to local not-for-profit organizations?

We love being able to give back to our community. Please reach out to molly@wheeliepopbrewing.com for donation requests We are happy to donate a gift card for silent auctions or discuss potential other ways to support. 

How do I get Wheelie Pop Brewing at my restaurant?

Please reach out to sales@wheeliepopbrewing.com for more information.

Who can I contact about hosting an event?

Please reach out to molly@wheeliepopbrewing.com to discuss potential events. Our indoor space seats 49 but we also have great outdoor seating that's perfect for the upcoming months!